GRAY WOLF MOUNTAIN Gray Wolf Mountain is home to three companies that endeavor to be the best in their respective market.

Tire-Tracks Tire-Tracks manufacturers the World's first Racing Tire Can Cooler. Made from real racing rubber with meticulous attention to detail, the Coolectible® is sold at the most prestigious racing venues in North America and Europe.

TEC Distillery TEC Distillery is a marketing agency specializing in assisting technically oriented companies communicate their brand to their targeted audience in a way that is relevant, meaningful and persuasive.

Successful AV Successful AV offers low cost - high value marketing tools and websites for the Audio/Video and automation integrator & retailer.

REGENAV REGENAV provides custom audio & video solutions for architects, builders, designers and the hospitality industry.

PHILOSOPHY Gray Wolves have the incredible ability to pursue their quarry for up to 3 days - while still maintaining their quick wolf canter. They are relentless in their pursuit.

They succeed in their endeavor, not by speed, brute strength, or overwhelming numbers, they succeed with relentless pursuit.

On Gray Wolf Mountain, our companies, to be the very best in their endeavors, share the same spirit.



Gray Wolf Mountain LLC

Graham Clive Lowe

Columbus, Ohio 43230 U.S.A